About Us

A Creative And Solution-Based Law Firm and Resource Centre

Chief Olajide Ajana & Co. (A & A LAW CHAMBERS) is a Firm of Legal Practitioners & Consultants which has evolved over three decades as a creative and solution-based Law Firm and Resource Centre dedicated to meeting clients’ needs in a most resourceful manner.

The Firm’s Offices are mainly in Akure and Abuja with correspondent offices in other parts of Nigeria. 

The Firm is led by a Principal who works with other learned colleagues with diverse expertise and experiences, and have offered a range of general and specialist services on legal and policy matters to clients in diverse sectors of Nigerian economy.

The Firm recognizes that the up-to-date knowledge and skills of its members are crucial to meeting clients’ expectations in Nigeria’s continuously changing economic environment. Hence, it strives to continuously develop and update its resource base by providing up to date materials including journals and law reviews as well as ensuring continuous training of its human capital.

Further, in today’s increasingly volatile and competitive market environment partnering with its clients in order to understand and meet their needs and protecting their interests are of paramount importance to the Firm. Therefore, the Firm is committed to offering relative and cost-effective services by assisting its clients in managing issues from the outset and helping them realize the cost – benefit implication of any action to be taken therefrom till conclusion. 

Regardless of the Firm’s clients’ situation or location, they can be confident they will always have access to the best legal services needed combined with the practice area technical competence, and the advisory services required for the clients’ successes in the marketplace.