Real Property, Infrastructure and Transportation

Recognizing Real Property, Infrastructure and Logistics as crucial aspects of business operations and transactions, members of the firm have over the years developed professional relationships with Entrepreneurs, Investors, Businesses, government organizations, contractors, engineers, consultants, transporters and professionals involved in the construction and transport subsectors of the Nigerian economy, and have been involved in negotiating, reviewing, vetting and drafting terms of road and building constructions contracts, carriage of goods by road, air and seas, and logistics agreements.

The Firm’s members are endowed with cutting edge skills and leverages in providing services in dispute prevention and dispute resolution in the clients’ matters in these areas of practice, and continue to successfully litigate on disputes arising therefrom till date.

Further, the Firm’s membership’s aggregate wealth of experience empowers it to handle all aspects of legal work in planning and execution of major infrastructural projects including financing, securing government approvals, drafting and negotiating commercial project contracts, PPPs, and in dealing with other issues that may arise from host communities.

The Firm also offers advice on full range of commercial and residential property transactions including landlord-tenant leases, acquisition and sales, registration of third party interests, as well as handling land and property related disputes and obtaining relevant government consents and approvals.

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