Good Governance, Family and Social Services

Members of the Firm recognize the sanctity of the Nigerian Constitution, the Legal System, the Institutions of Governance, the Family as a unit within the Local and Global Society, and Access to Quality and Good Health and Education as inviolable Rights of Peoples and Businesses resident in Nigeria.

Therefore, the Firm offers a range of services geared towards protecting the Constitutional and Legal Rights of Citizens, Businesses, Residents, including Foreigners particularly in the areas of Human Rights, Migration and Good Governance.

The services the Firm has rendered and still renders include prosecution and defence of all Constitutional, Human Rights, Elections and Criminal proceedings, keeping watching briefs on behalf of complainants, asserting clients’ rights and acting for them in both private investigations and prosecutions in criminal proceedings in both trial and appellate courts.

The Firm’s legal services to Federal and State Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Local Governments and Legislative Houses are designed to support and assist them in delivering on their respective mandates to provide good governance to the citizenry and residents of Nigeria, protect them from unwarranted litigations and ensure they act in compliance with the Nigerian Constitution and the respective enabling Laws setting them up.

The Firm also provides legal services in the area of family law, succession rights, preservation of family estates, women and child’s rights protection, Access to Good and Quality Health and Education services, protection and strengthening of institutions in the said sectors of the Nigerian Society.

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