Media and Communications Technologies

Increased human activities in this cutting- edge legal field of regulation and operation in the telecommunications industry, information technology, broadcasting, advertising, the entertainment and creative industries, internet and online services make this field germane to the Firm’s provision of legal services. Thus the Firm’s legal services cover all issues of concern in the fields of intellectual property, copyright for original works, trademarks for different brands, including patents for media related technologies or processes, licensing issues, freedom of expression vs. censorships etc.

Also considering the vastness and far reaching nature of the media, the threats of wrongs like defamation spreading far and wide through modern technologies are matters of great legal concern, making this an area of interest to the Firm in the provision of its legal services from its 3 pillar perspectives of dispute prevention, dispute resolution and consulting.

The Firm’s services also address issues such as cyber bullying, internet frauds, stalking and other forms of harm that modern media make readily possible.

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